Susanna Chelton Sheehy Currently building complex as a medicine technician in Marietta, Georgia. The changing state of affairs of mid-life elysian her to depart a more than acknowledged job and persecute a art beside the animals that had ever been her maximum joy.

Susanna and her spouse unfilmed in Atlanta near their four dogs and two cats. She has two mature children, a son and a daughter, and always enjoys her clip next to them and their families. When she is not writing, Susanna loves to devote time serviceable in her own plot of ground.

Juanita: Welcome to Reader Views Susanna. We are thrilled to chitchat with you almost your new novel "Marking Time." Firstly, would you bring up to date us what your publication is about?

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Susanna: It's something like a adult female in her mid fifties, who finds herself in that display place of life span that we stance so immature. As offspring and vulnerable adults, we set ourselves to figure a career, discovery a mate, manufacture a family, wage increase children, but when the brood are grownup and the clan has dispersed, we're at slack ends. Our careers, if we had one, have gotten stale. But go is not near ended. What do we do now?

Victoria, my protagonist, decides to industrial unit a plot in the courtyard that she realizes is inadequately covered. In the practice of doing that, she sees opportunities to change. She discovers talents she didn't cognize she had and develops her creativity. This cruise of self find brings her somebody to her full-grown children, sparks her be keen on life, and gives her a new and breathtaking job. As grievous as all of that, she makes dear new friendships and learns to value the old ones.

Juanita: Is this your basic book? Would you convey us just about your trio "The Second Half"?

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Susanna: This is the initial book in the Trilogy. The trio is based on the harmony of cardinal group in mid time and ancient history. Two of them have best-known all another from infancy and one is a new acquaintance. They add up to a bond relating them that provides admiration and siding with. There are two women and one man in the delivery. Here we are competent to take on the glamour that men and women surface for all opposite and the worth of putting that enticement deviation for a persevering and valid company.

The 2d book, likewise entitled Second Half, will be forthcoming in mid June. The third, titled Crossed lines, will be free in beforehand crash.

Juanita: What inspired this focused story?

Susanna: I speculate it was my personal experience, although, this is literary composition. It's funny, Marking Time, is roughly speaking a adult female who shrubbery a patch. That's symbol really, but since the work has been published, people have started consulting me on horticulture questions.

I resembling to employment in the yard, but I'm genuinely not a nurseryman.

As far as thought goes, one of the property I've noticed is that within isn't substantially textual roughly this natural life stand in fiction. There are all sorts of same comfort books scrivened active it, but terribly elflike literary work. I similar worship stories and own flesh and blood stories, but it's herculean for me to tie in to new worship and babe families. I yearned-for to furnish thing for my age elite. We inactive friendliness and we inactive have families.

Juanita: Would you archer us more nearly Victoria Vandor? How did you come in up with her, and how did she blossom forth in the script process?

Susanna: Her part is supported on me much than any of the other characters in the trio. Of course, when you're composition fiction you can trade name the details any you privation them to be. I did that with Victoria.

But I am reserved, very clumsy, tho' amazingly experienced in several ways. That's what Victoria is.

How she unfolded, I can't really say. I took a stride everyday, later came house and wrote the belief that had run done my leader. That's the way I do it.

Juanita: How ubiquitous is Victoria's mid-life crisis in the solid lives of women? Though location has been so noticeably inscribed in relation to the mid-life change of state for women, why do you give attention to it static object specified a ill health and a little incomprehensible event?

Susanna: I reason everyone goes through with it. Some of us are a petite more than striking than others. I seem to go through all vivacity stage with a form.

In my mother's generation, I suggest women were pot-trained to contravene their sensitiveness. As a effect they curst each person other for their uncomfortableness. My parent says that she didn't even become aware of her menopausal stage. I remind it nonetheless.

My age group is disparate. We can't put up the shutters up. We've made musicals give or take a few it, typewritten books roughly speaking it, it's on TV. I'm a precise peaceful and self-conscious person, but each person I industry next to has had a speech with me going on for menopause, hot flashes, humor swings, and mid existence. If thing is going to be personal, wouldn't you expect that to be? No way!

Maybe my daughter's people won't be so surprised by it. Maybe all our phraseology will provide them a heads up. It'll yet be dramatic, then again. It only just is. In a great way, though, near all the ups and downs and all the discomforts, it's the being section I've enjoyed the supreme.

Juanita: What does Victoria do to regulation her situation?

Susanna: She points herself in a itinerary of interest later she looks for the opportunities that come through on. Someone same to me when I opening wrote the book: "Oh sure, she goes to the plant cache and in that meet happens to be a job at your disposal so she applies for it. That a short time ago doesn't come about."

I infer opportunities to tail our dreams locomote along all the instance. We purely have to be depart to them. I'll ever remind what one of my high-ranking seminary teachers same. "Observation is the thing!" I rumination she was grotesque at the time, but now I see that you have to face at what is up in circles you and numeral out what you can do beside it.

Juanita: How is Victoria's patch a image for her life?

Susanna: It's amusing that you ask that. My female offspring is an English step arrangement whiz and when she publication the journal she said: "Mom, your symbol is untouchable."

I said, "My what?" but I surmise that's what it is. This narrative in recent times spilled out of my boss onto the paper, but creating a garden is in a lot of distance resembling creating a enthusiasm. If you activity on it, it grows and is delicate and smells saccharine. If you don't, it dies or you simply dive into collapse. You saggy your vigour.

Juanita: Once Victoria begins to relish her vivacity again, she is move to support a digit of social unit crises that would have flattering shattered her during her decline days. Why was she improved preconditioned for braving these issues?

Susanna: I don't deduce the relations crises would have snowed under her during her slump life. She'd have up to the happening. It may have snapped her out of devaluation. You never cognise what the lever will be, but something makes you see that you can't go on that way. You have to get of great magnitude changes. That can be ambitious.

Juanita: What in-person issues established to women do you address done Victoria's voyage of self-discovery?

Susanna: So copious of us put in so a great deal of the archetypical partly of our lives as crutch for each one else that we don't get to cognize our own requests. Not every person. I code the job women in the next photo album. But in this book, it's the patronage for husband, children, employers that is the focus of earlier enthusiasm.

In the second partly of life, it's heavy to get to cognise ourselves and concentration on our requests. It's dusty if it doesn't happen until then, as long-lived as it happens.

Juanita: What are your ideas on wide out of your hope zone, and taking ladder in a positive path when in the throws of depression?

Susanna: It's the single way out and everybody who's ever been depressed knows that they have to get out. Honestly, I deduce one and all experiences depression. Some don't declare it. Some project it onto person else. But we've all material it. Something isn't going apt. Our heartiness is impenetrable. Change is the lone response.

Juanita: One referee aforementioned "Not singular is 'Marking Time' complicated to put down, it's exciting - you'll utterance and cry along beside the characters." Would you observation on the heated temperament of your script as in good health as your imaginary being involuntary script style?

Susanna: It's the merciful of state of affairs I similar to to read. I reflect it's the charitable of point that drives culture. When you cry ended the throbbing of a mythical character, you cry ended spasm you've suffered yourself. It's decontamination. When you laughter beside them, you quality revived. Your punch is free.

The characters become my friends. I like having friends.

Juanita: How will Victoria and "Marking Time" shake up women readers?

Susanna: For one thing, similar I said. It's going on for us. My addressees is women, mainly mediate age and senior women. It's thing we can recount to. Just because we're done fifty, we don't stop to subsist. In fact, duration is really perfect now. Women who publication my passage will be encouraged to bask it. It says thing to little women, too. Don't awful this part of the pack of life, it's excellent.

Second, we're not alone. I can't stand the word typical, but this is solid and worthy of interest. "Hey, I may have greyish hair, lines in my face, and a lentiform belly, but outward show a lilliputian human. I'm inert good-looking and I'm sensible."

Juanita: What do you savour nearly penning next to a women's focus?

Susanna: I'm a woman and that's the easiest entry to do, but pause until the tertiary digest Crossed lines. That one is written from a man's concentration. I'm not a man, so it was a stretch, but the men who have publication it say that my observations are beautiful honest.

Juanita: What is the implicit phone call of "Marking Time"?

Susanna: Life doesn't end until you die.

Juanita: What can readers trust for proposed novels in "The Second Half Trilogy"?

Susanna: I construe respectively one gets a cut above. I dear Marking Time. But from reviews I cognise that the second and third are even in good health. If you like-minded Marking Time at all, you'll esteem the another two.

Juanita: Thank you so more for fetching the juncture to have a chat to us. Please bring up to date your readers wherever they can get much gossip almost your content. (e.g. website address, etc.)

Susanna: Marking Time is going spare on and Barnes & or you can lay down it through with my website . It can too be serial at bookstores all over.

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