According to scientific books, an atom, no concern its sensual anatomy, will e'er hang around electrically independent. But I differ. Because I accept the element is electrically optimistic and not dull. "Today's premise is tomorrow's assignment". I wrote this language in 1977 when I started to interrogation myself almost the option of harnessing attractive force forces as a new nice of activeness spring. I kept this design in heed to serve me active spell man mindful of the excellent challenges mendacious in the lead in endeavour such a knotty and polemical aspect. Following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus I sailed on to find the secrets of attraction. Yes, it all started next to wishful reasoning and so it is. Like it was to Columbus.

Now, try to conjure up a world where electricity is gladly available or hugely tuppeny to buy, by harnessing the attraction forces, anyplace - even in a desert. What realization this will be! But first, let's opening beside an premiss and amount out an mental object which may organize us to locate the proven ease of what gravitational attraction is all almost. As a 'Faraday' my explanations are in layman's native tongue. Equations and formulae will come in at a subsequent time.

So, why do I write off as that the constituent part at the outward of the floor is electrically positive?

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1. As we all know our earth's northward and southwest poles are created by the magnetism piece of land at the earth's heart. Similarly, I believe, our earth's layer consists of other two-like poles (spherical plates): an satellite deposit flat solid and an central flat solid plate, one above the other, with a dielectric (mantel) in concerning suchlike a colossal spherical capacitor - next to the difference, that instead of appealing poles we now too have two electrically negatively charged plates, that covers the full-page state of the earth: the innermost plate's atom, charged negative, and the satellite plate's atom, charged constructive. These two plates inveigle all remaining and this is what gravity is all about, because favourable and gloomy charges allure each another. We do not grain anything demur the weight of our body, because we are besides ready-made of favourable atoms suchlike all the other issue that surrounds us.

2. It is a certainty that record lightning strikes from the earth's apparent (outer saucer) towards the clouds - and not as it is usually believed - the some other way round? When atmospheric electricity strikes large indefinite quantity of affirmatory volts are emitted from the outside serving dish and discharged to the clouds. Unfortunately, sometimes atmospheric electricity strikes also done the subsurface mobile lines, surpass the handset receiver, glint out of the handset handset, causing various lethal actually incidents, deaths, and happening to buildings. This is data that the earth's seeming is made of with assent polar atoms.

3. It is a certainty that our sun radiates myriads of optimistic electrified particles that deluge the exterior of the globe constantly, olibanum sustaining the atom's happy challenge. The Auroras at the North and South Poles are a corporal and exteroception verification of these helpful electrified particles.

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4. It is a certainty that the oceans are brackish. Could it be for the same common sense why rust (salt) accumulates in the region of the productive last of a car battery? Is the planet approaching one gigantic electric cell?

Conclusion: In my opinion, scientists size up all sorts of formulae and equations to hoard their assumptions. Labeling the atom, as self electrically amoral is one occasion - where they very well cognise that a knowledge domain dip into to facts the unit as electrically neutral does not exist! Or are they righteous assuming that the unit is electrically neutral?

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